Prints to incorporate in your wardrobes and homes

Prints will never go out of style. Many of us shy away from prints but they can make a personality statement and well, a great way to induce variety into your wardrobes and homes.

Here’s our favorite 6 prints:

1. Paisley

Elegant and yet, bold enough when mixed with a myriad of colorsImage×16-pillow-cover-black-white

2. Tie-Dye

Started with the hippie movement, the tie-dye has come a long way and has been adapted by many a designer.


3. Floral

The easiest print to incorporate, pick something vintage in a color that screams the 70s.

1940s Turquoise Vintage Floral Dress Fabric Semi Sheer Cotton

4. Ikat

We LOVE LOVE LOVE ikat. It brings everything to life while keeping a classic look.

Mustard Yellow Geometric Ikat Apple iPhone Case - Available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Case - Gold Brown Tribal Southwest iPhone 4 Case

5. Geometric

This is the IN print at the moment and we are guilty to be following the herd. Plenty of triangles, a lot of color and you have something funky.

Mid Century Geometric Art - Canvas Print Panorama - Multi Colored Triangles on Tan Background - Vintage Modern Wall Decor  - "Tangent"

6. Chevron

Another extremely popular print – we love it for its mere simplicity and versatility. Keep it to basic colors – less is more!

Chevron Table Runner - Black and White Cotton Lined 11x82"

Is there a print that you love? We want to hear all about it in the comments 🙂