Plan the perfect Thanksgiving Party

We have been scouring websites, blogs and stores to find the best ideas and products for a Thanksgiving party that will have everyone eating out of your hands! So get a mug of coffee and enjoy the read!

Start with a party planning checklist that you can download from HGTV here and stick it on your refrigerator to check off as you go:


Once you’ve nailed down a budget for the decor, get some easy but gorgeous decorating ideas from Martha Stewart here:


We recommend our orange ikat table runner and matching place mats that’s perfect for the occasion:


If vintage is your type, get this gorgeous 9 pc set of white and gold china from circa 1910:

Royal Crockery, RC Noritake Gold Moriage Beading China Plates, 9pc Set

Etsy has some gorgeous Thanksgiving place cards here:

Thanksgiving Place Cards - Calligraphy

If you are in the Bay area, support local farmers by ordering your flowers here:


Not sure what to serve? 20 great recipes from appetizers to dessert at

and 36 more from HGTV:

Our Recommendations!

Decor: Go for a rustic themed decor with burlap and linen or a glam look with white and gold

Flowers: Colors! Freshly cut colorful flowers go with any theme and get people’s spirits soaring

Candles: Lots of them as centerpieces, over the mantel and get a little creative with the votives

Food: Lobster Mac and Cheese, Roasted Turkey, Cranberry Chutney, Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

And most important of all is to have fun, be thankful and enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

Let’s get started on the planning now, shall we?


Happy ThanksGiving!



This Thanksgiving, there’s a lot that we are thankful for.

For blessing us with beautiful families that care and give and love like there is no tomorrow

For friends that give us the laughs and stories that can be told and retold over and over

For our pets that teach us to love unconditionally and to always be there for one another

For jobs that challenge us to be more creative and contribute in better ways

Everybody is going through some struggle that we don’t know of but family and love gives them the strength to overcome those struggles and for that we are thankful

This Thanksgiving we wish every one all the love, great health and extreme happiness.

And oh, before we sign off here’s a reminder that our free shipping offer within US and Canada is valid all Thanksgiving weekend on our Etsy shop.

Enter coupon code OCT13 at checkout to redeem this offer.


New Etsy Guidelines

So what is it about the new Etsy guidelines that feels like a threat to so many Etsy shop owners and like an opportunity to the others?

Etsy announced few days back that shop owners can now hire manufacturers to help them make products and instantly, thousands of shop owners riled up. There is no stopping big businesses any more to get into Etsy and compete with the small business owners that Etsy is mostly composed of. Etsy has assured shop owners that each application that requires a manufacturer will go through a review and will be allowed to use them only on approval. They also have plans to increase their integrity team size so that more shops can be monitored for following etsy guidelines.

None of this seems to be assuaging Etsy shop owners though as they are all running off to Zibbet to set up shop. Zibbet is a newer handmade marketplace that saw flocks of etsy sellers trying to import nearly 35000 items the day the Etsy announcement was made.

Personally, we welcome this opportunity. This enables us to think beyond the realm of current expertise and empowers us to think of better products. We can now embroider a pillow cover, block print a runner and tie-dye a scarf. The opportunities are limitless.

But yes, we do hope Etsy doesn’t turn into a manufacturer’s hub and continues to draw buyers that are looking for something unique, something handmade and something exquisite.


We have been working hard on our Etsy shop –  trying to make it more worthy to our customers.

pink ikat new closeup

So here’s the latest from us:

We are now shipping worldwide from our Etsy shop! Yes, if you like our stuff, then you will see it in your home in a few days. We are really excited to be able to reach so many different geographies through our little shop.

We have also started accepting credit cards and Etsy gift cards. Etsy made this feature available to non-US sellers recently and we were waiting to have this convenience available to our buyers.

And on the cards is a new product line! We are still working out the details and the designs but will keep you informed as soon as we have them ready to be revealed 🙂

The last time we posted we were working out eco-friendly packaging options and we have found an elegant solution. We will use pretty scrap material left over to create little cloth bags and ship the products out in them. These bags can be reused by the customer and there is no wastage involved. These bags are in the process of being made and we believe shipments from November will have these.

Phew! That’s all from us – so visit our shop from wherever you are, use an easy way to pay and watch it arrive in packaging that’s sweet AND reusable.

Top tips from top designers


Decorating is fun but can be overwhelming when one is given an empty palette and asked to add color. London Design Week that happened last week got many interior designers together to share their thoughts. These interior design tips from the powers that be are our favorite from the 100 that was on the list.

Get the complete list here and enjoy our list of 12 curated tips:

Abigail Ahern, Interior Designer
“Don’t stop decorating too soon! The accessories turn a room from drab to fab; they’re the 5-minute facelift of the decorating world”

Jen Bishop, Interiors Blogger
“Make your home a reflection of its inhabitants”

Rosita Missoni, Founder of Missoni Home
“Avoid big changes but keep the Home alive and desirable, adding small touches, for example cushions, lamps, plants and flowers, a new rug, a new throw, an off size vase, small chairs etc.”

George Clarke, Grand Designs Live
“Balance period features with well-designed classic modern touches & don’t be afraid to experiment with colour”

Stacy Risenmay, Interiors Blogger
“Don’t worry about what others will think. Design the room the way YOU want. Surround yourself with things that make you happy”

Kelly Davies, Interior Designer
“Introduce the colour yellow in a Dining Room which is regularly used for entertaining, this bright colour will stimulate conversation”

Nicola Holden, Interior Designer
“Throw in at least one item from a different era or culture to give the eye something to mull over”

Sarah Barclay, Interior Designer
“If you have to have a designer brand name, choose wisely – they are not necessarily all well-made or comfortable!”

Vicki Murdoch, Founder of Silken Favours
“You can never have too many cushions”

Lucy Gleeson, Interiors Blogger at Lucy Loves Ya
“Always keep a camera with you. You will find colour and fabric inspiration for your home in the most unexpected of places!”

Fi Douglas, Founder of Bluebellgray
“Colour and florals can transform an interior entirely, creating a fresh and uplifting atmosphere”

Sian Elin Thomas, Interior Designer
“Introduce clashing patterns with cushion collections, just be sure to keep the colours similar to make for a modern & eclectic living space”

Our First Etsy Sale..

first sale final 2

..happened 2 weeks after we opened shop on Etsy and well, we were thrilled to the bone!

It was a white table runner with a blue Ikat patch on it and we are happy to say that the customer was happy too.

We are now working out eco-friendly packaging and cheaper shipping options to make the buying experience as great for our buyers as the selling experience is for us.
Here’s to many more!

A brand new name

Private label’s name originated from the small business venture that our mother started back in India for her customized designer-like clothing. When we decided to start selling home decor on Etsy, we thought it best to follow the mothership and keep the same name.  But as we create more  products and work towards building a brand, we think its also time for a brand new Etsy shop name.
Today’s poll is to help us choose a name for our brand. Take a look at the following  3 products and let us know which name resonates best with it. Or if you think we should stick to Private Label, that is a great suggestion too. We value your opinion, so cast the poll away!
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