It has sprung!

Spring is finally here. After a brutal winter full of snow storms, icy roads and heavy duty shoveling, it is the first official day of spring today and boy, are we glad!

This season means so much to us – it means summer is just around the corner, that we can start to put away all our jackets, prep our homes for the year ahead, try on a fresh new wardrobe. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some ways we love to prep for the fun times ahead:

1. Pot a plant

We live in an apartment and well, taking care of plants in small spaces is not always that easy. Apartment Therapy’s suggestions for such plants is exactly the kind of tips we want:

2. Get our flora on

One of things we love to do for Spring is to get something flirty & floral to bring on the season’s latest fashion. This cheongsam serves that purpose and is oh, so cute!

Spring Summer Printed Floral Linen Chinese Dress,Cheongsam / Only 5pcs- Size M-100,110cm

3. Get on the Spring Cleaning

Ah, this is a definite must-do for us. And one of the things we have never done before but are planning to this year is to get a house cleaning company to pretty up our apartment. House cleaning deals are always running on livingsocial or groupon. So definitely check them out if you decide to take this route too.

4. Decorate!

This is of course our favorite activity. It also means we get to deck up the balcony, prep it for those early evening teas and late night conversations. Check out our outdoor spring pillows to make your space inviting and fun.

20x20 Spring Pillow Cover, White, Cotton, Floral Cushion

5. Plan a vacation

Ah, the best part about summer is all those beach places we can go away to and enjoy the sun, the surf, the sand. But most places get booked out way too early. And the best way to avoid that is too plan for that vacation now. Get on tripadvisor, check out places you might want to visit and make those bookings now!

How do you prep for spring? We want to know!


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