New Etsy Guidelines

New Etsy Guidelines

So what is it about the new Etsy guidelines that feels like a threat to so many Etsy shop owners and like an opportunity to the others?

Etsy announced few days back that shop owners can now hire manufacturers to help them make products and instantly, thousands of shop owners riled up. There is no stopping big businesses any more to get into Etsy and compete with the small business owners that Etsy is mostly composed of. Etsy has assured shop owners that each application that requires a manufacturer will go through a review and will be allowed to use them only on approval. They also have plans to increase their integrity team size so that more shops can be monitored for following etsy guidelines.

None of this seems to be assuaging Etsy shop owners though as they are all running off to Zibbet to set up shop. Zibbet is a newer handmade marketplace that saw flocks of etsy sellers trying to import nearly 35000 items the day the Etsy announcement was made.

Personally, we welcome this opportunity. This enables us to think beyond the realm of current expertise and empowers us to think of better products. We can now embroider a pillow cover, block print a runner and tie-dye a scarf. The opportunities are limitless.

But yes, we do hope Etsy doesn’t turn into a manufacturer’s hub and continues to draw buyers that are looking for something unique, something handmade and something exquisite.


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