Winds of Change

We have been working hard on our Etsy shop –  trying to make it more worthy to our customers.

pink ikat new closeup

So here’s the latest from us:

We are now shipping worldwide from our Etsy shop! Yes, if you like our stuff, then you will see it in your home in a few days. We are really excited to be able to reach so many different geographies through our little shop.

We have also started accepting credit cards and Etsy gift cards. Etsy made this feature available to non-US sellers recently and we were waiting to have this convenience available to our buyers.

And on the cards is a new product line! We are still working out the details and the designs but will keep you informed as soon as we have them ready to be revealed 🙂

The last time we posted we were working out eco-friendly packaging options and we have found an elegant solution. We will use pretty scrap material left over to create little cloth bags and ship the products out in them. These bags can be reused by the customer and there is no wastage involved. These bags are in the process of being made and we believe shipments from November will have these.

Phew! That’s all from us – so visit our shop from wherever you are, use an easy way to pay and watch it arrive in packaging that’s sweet AND reusable.


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