Top tips from top designers


Decorating is fun but can be overwhelming when one is given an empty palette and asked to add color. London Design Week that happened last week got many interior designers together to share their thoughts. These interior design tips from the powers that be are our favorite from the 100 that was on the list.

Get the complete list here and enjoy our list of 12 curated tips:

Abigail Ahern, Interior Designer
“Don’t stop decorating too soon! The accessories turn a room from drab to fab; they’re the 5-minute facelift of the decorating world”

Jen Bishop, Interiors Blogger
“Make your home a reflection of its inhabitants”

Rosita Missoni, Founder of Missoni Home
“Avoid big changes but keep the Home alive and desirable, adding small touches, for example cushions, lamps, plants and flowers, a new rug, a new throw, an off size vase, small chairs etc.”

George Clarke, Grand Designs Live
“Balance period features with well-designed classic modern touches & don’t be afraid to experiment with colour”

Stacy Risenmay, Interiors Blogger
“Don’t worry about what others will think. Design the room the way YOU want. Surround yourself with things that make you happy”

Kelly Davies, Interior Designer
“Introduce the colour yellow in a Dining Room which is regularly used for entertaining, this bright colour will stimulate conversation”

Nicola Holden, Interior Designer
“Throw in at least one item from a different era or culture to give the eye something to mull over”

Sarah Barclay, Interior Designer
“If you have to have a designer brand name, choose wisely – they are not necessarily all well-made or comfortable!”

Vicki Murdoch, Founder of Silken Favours
“You can never have too many cushions”

Lucy Gleeson, Interiors Blogger at Lucy Loves Ya
“Always keep a camera with you. You will find colour and fabric inspiration for your home in the most unexpected of places!”

Fi Douglas, Founder of Bluebellgray
“Colour and florals can transform an interior entirely, creating a fresh and uplifting atmosphere”

Sian Elin Thomas, Interior Designer
“Introduce clashing patterns with cushion collections, just be sure to keep the colours similar to make for a modern & eclectic living space”


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