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Spring Giveaway


It has sprung!

Spring is finally here. After a brutal winter full of snow storms, icy roads and heavy duty shoveling, it is the first official day of spring today and boy, are we glad!

This season means so much to us – it means summer is just around the corner, that we can start to put away all our jackets, prep our homes for the year ahead, try on a fresh new wardrobe. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some ways we love to prep for the fun times ahead:

1. Pot a plant

We live in an apartment and well, taking care of plants in small spaces is not always that easy. Apartment Therapy’s suggestions for such plants is exactly the kind of tips we want:


2. Get our flora on

One of things we love to do for Spring is to get something flirty & floral to bring on the season’s latest fashion. This cheongsam serves that purpose and is oh, so cute!

Spring Summer Printed Floral Linen Chinese Dress,Cheongsam / Only 5pcs- Size M-100,110cm


3. Get on the Spring Cleaning

Ah, this is a definite must-do for us. And one of the things we have never done before but are planning to this year is to get a house cleaning company to pretty up our apartment. House cleaning deals are always running on livingsocial or groupon. So definitely check them out if you decide to take this route too.

4. Decorate!

This is of course our favorite activity. It also means we get to deck up the balcony, prep it for those early evening teas and late night conversations. Check out our outdoor spring pillows to make your space inviting and fun.

20x20 Spring Pillow Cover, White, Cotton, Floral Cushion


5. Plan a vacation

Ah, the best part about summer is all those beach places we can go away to and enjoy the sun, the surf, the sand. But most places get booked out way too early. And the best way to avoid that is too plan for that vacation now. Get on tripadvisor, check out places you might want to visit and make those bookings now!

How do you prep for spring? We want to know!

New Collection of Pillow Covers

Hot off the press is our collection of block printed pillow covers.

Our inspiration for this collection was a mere visit to Navrang (our block printer’s office) and we were like children in a candy store! Their large variety of blocks and screen print designs had endless design possibilities that got us very excited and thinking about our next collection.

 Image i

Keeping the base colors to fresh white and beige cottons gave us the flexibility to choose better block print colors. But we also wanted to keep the theme rustic and go with the “less is more” concept.

So our colors and prints are earthy, minimal and elegant – something that can be thrown in any corner of the house without worrying about matching color schemes or pairing other pillows and yet, make a statement. And did we say super affordable? Each pillow cover is priced only between $9 – $13.


We are very eager to know what you think of this collection and how we can improve on them. Find it on our facebook page:



Prints to incorporate in your wardrobes and homes

Prints will never go out of style. Many of us shy away from prints but they can make a personality statement and well, a great way to induce variety into your wardrobes and homes.

Here’s our favorite 6 prints:

1. Paisley

Elegant and yet, bold enough when mixed with a myriad of colorsImage


2. Tie-Dye

Started with the hippie movement, the tie-dye has come a long way and has been adapted by many a designer.



3. Floral

The easiest print to incorporate, pick something vintage in a color that screams the 70s.

1940s Turquoise Vintage Floral Dress Fabric Semi Sheer Cotton


4. Ikat

We LOVE LOVE LOVE ikat. It brings everything to life while keeping a classic look.

Mustard Yellow Geometric Ikat Apple iPhone Case - Available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Case - Gold Brown Tribal Southwest iPhone 4 Case


5. Geometric

This is the IN print at the moment and we are guilty to be following the herd. Plenty of triangles, a lot of color and you have something funky.

Mid Century Geometric Art - Canvas Print Panorama - Multi Colored Triangles on Tan Background - Vintage Modern Wall Decor  - "Tangent"


6. Chevron

Another extremely popular print – we love it for its mere simplicity and versatility. Keep it to basic colors – less is more!

Chevron Table Runner - Black and White Cotton Lined 11x82"


Is there a print that you love? We want to hear all about it in the comments 🙂

5 Ways to wear a Square Scarf

Following our 10 ways to wear a scarf post, here’s one more on 5 ways to wear a square silk scarf. 

Square Silk a Scarves are elegant, classy and very Hermes-like. They can be however tough to wear which is why we have listed 5 ways you can do so with minimal effort.

We picked up this 40″ gold square silk scarf with white paisley patterns from our Etsy store for illustration.:


1. This is the best way to wear a square scarf that has a beautiful print on it.
Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle. Holding the triangular section in front of your neck, wrap either end of the scarf on its opposite side so that the ends come around the neck to your front.


2. This style looks great over collared shirts, especially a classic white one.
Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle. Keep rolling the scarf until it is about 2 – 3 inches wide. Wrap around your neck and tie a loose knot in the front.


3. Rock this style when you are wearing a wide neck or V neck top.
Roughly gather up the scarf.Wrap around your neck and tie a knot on the side of your neck. Makes it look like a pretty bow!


4. This looks great over plain tops.
Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle. Wrap the scarf once around your neck and adjust so that one end is longer than the other in the front. Take the shorter end and insert into the gap between the wrapped scarf and the longer end of the scarf. Tighten until it fits snugly around your neck. 


5. This is our favorite! Wear it this way and you’ll have many compliments coming your way. 
Fold the scarf in half to make a triangle. Wrap around your neck so that one side is long on the front in a triangular fashion. Loosely fold the other end and tuck in to the side of the longer end. Looks absolutely unique and gorgeous!


So that was 5 ways to wear a square silk scarf. We’d be interested to know any other styles as well from our readers!

10 Ways to wear a Scarf

A scarf is a must-have versatile accessory in any woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn in so many different ways with pants, skirts, dresses and adds an instant chicness to any outfit.

Here are some ways to help you get started:

1. Simply loop it once around your neck closely and let the ends hang in the front. Looks great especially if the scarf has interesting borders.


2. Fold the scarf in half and place around neck. Take the hanging ends half and insert both ends together through the loop at the other end. This is the easiest and actually the most popular way to wear a scarf these days.


3. Again, a very simple way of letting one end hang in the front and the other at the back by looping through your neck just one time. Works great with a long top+leggings look.


4. Is your scarf wide and does it have a beautiful print that you really want to show off? Then wear it as a wrap like this picture and it becomes an outfit of its own!


5. This is actually one of our favorite ways to wear a scarf. Start by leaving one end only long enough to bring to the other side of your neck. Then keep wrapping the scarf till the other end comes through. Knot this end with the other end towards your shoulders and not in the front. So stylish!


6. Start with Step 3 for this look but instead of looping in both ends of the scarf, loop only one and let the other end remain hanging around your neck. This look works beautifully with a plain full sleeved top.


7. Another very interesting way to tie your scarf. Follow these instructions to get this look and you will have many compliments coming your way! http://www.madlychic.com/2013/03/02/how-to-tie-a-long-scarf/


8. Follow no. 1 but keep looping through your neck so that the ends are really short. Makes for a cutesy look 🙂


9. This one needs no explanation but this is best applied to shorter scarves that end a little below your waist.


10. Simple knot with uneven lengths on either side makes up this way of wearing a scarf. Best achieved with knee length monochrome dresses.


So there we are! 10 ways to wear a scarf.

Do let us know if you have any other interesting ways to tie a scarf.

Our new logo is here!


PL Logo Black


We are excited to finally announce our new logo! A lot of thought has gone into creating it and there were a million revisions before we settled on this.

The needle and thread signifies the customized and One Of A Kind feature that we try to infuse into every product. The gold background is to emphasize the Indian-ness that you will find in our products.

Kudos to Valerie from http://inkblotgds.com for helping us design this logo. We are highly appreciative of her patience with every minor revision that we asked for, her recommendations and her professionalism as we worked through this with her. Do check out her website if you have a designing need.

And let us know what you think of our logo!